The Great Marketing Mistake
Ed Challinor
Here’s why your marketing messages are not working and what to do about it Introduction There are actually two great marketing mistakes. One is very famous and the other I just made up. The one I made up is this: marketing is hard. It’s just as hard as dentistry. It requires not only a high level of intelligence but also superb analytical skills, a creative mind and sometimes some pure magic. You don’t often meet intelligent and truly analytical people who are also creative – let alone who can do magic – so this is a pretty tall order. I always wondered at university why they had courses like ‘Creative Writing and Chemistry’ or ‘Law and Fine Art’. I thought they were for people who just didn’t know what they wanted to do. But once I was working in the City I’d see these degrees popping up all over the place. They’d often have first class honours and be applying for jobs like senior brand manager or global account director. Marketing is hard. In my experience, crafting successful marketing messages that resonate with your patients is more difficult than writing pleadings in Court. Honestly, I’m not even kidding. Thinking that advertising is easy is your first big error, and probably one of the reasons things aren’t going so well. So is there any good news? Marketing is hard, but so are you The good news is this. You’re a dentist. This means, among other things;
  • The real great marketing mistake is this: it’s not about you, it’s about them. Please read that again slowly. Go on and write it out fifty times.
  • You’re a scientist
  • You’re intelligent
  • You’re analytical
  • AND you’re creative
So believe me when I tell you this is within your competency. Or at least within your understanding. How you choose to execute is up to you. So let’s now get onto the real great marketing mistake.
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