orthocaps® straightens with the power of nature The functional principle of orthocaps tooth alignment comes from the example set by nature. Are you wondering how? Picture the growth of a plant. Through gentle and natural force, it develops, moving only minimally, until it is finally grown and perfectly adapted to its environment. We successfully use the principle of this gentle force in the modern aesthetic tooth straightening with orthocaps. Using changing and individually adjusted clear plastic trays called “orthocaps® Aligners”, gentle pressure is exerted on the teeth that need to be straightened. In this way, orthocaps® aligners regulate bothersome malpositioned teeth without unsightly metal - gently for each individual tooth, painlessly and invisibly for your healthy and perfect smile. With orthocaps®, you have found the best solution for discreet tooth alignment: invisible braces.
DR SONIL KALIA Specialist Orthodontist GDC - 56934 - BDS (Sheff) 1982-LDS RSC (Eng) 1982-MSc (Ortho) D.Ortho R.D.S (Aarhus/Denmark) 1998 Dr Sonil Kalia is a registered specialist orthodontist and originally qualified in Dentistry in Sheffield and the Royal College of Surgeons England and specialised from the Royal Dental College in Denmark where he teaches to post graduates part time. He is a specialist in Aligner treatments (Invisalign and Orthocaps) and all arts of fixed braces. He is also specialised in complicated treatment regimes in adults and children. He is qualified from Sheffield University and Royal College of Surgeons of England.  He is a member of the Local Dental Committee and presently secretary of the Managed Clinical Network of Orthodontists in Sheffield.  He is a member of the B.D.A/B.O.S/O.S.G/W.F.O/A.A.O/Royal College of Surgeons (England)/Royal College of Medicine (England). He is also a preferred clinician in the use of Orthocaps Aligner Systems as well as Invisalign. He is also experienced in the use of TADs in Orthodontic treatments (Temporary Anchorage Devices.) He attends most of the world’s congresses to attain knowledge in the latest advances in Orthodontics worldwide.
The Aligner Revolution Has Begun
orthocaps® for adults Having beautiful teeth is not a matter of age. Children and adolescents are not the only ones who wear braces. Today, more and more adults are also making the decision to straighten their teeth. Aesthetic reasons often motivate the decision to straighten the teeth, but incomplete or improper orthodontic treatments given during childhood or tooth movements later on in life can also be decisive. With the orthocaps® TwinAligner®, the decision to straighten the teeth is an easy one for adults to make. The aesthetic, discreet aligners adapt perfectly to your professional and private life. Another advantage: Thanks to the easy removal and cleaning of the aligner, you have the exact degree of flexibility that you need in your daily life.
orthocaps for adolescents Fixed braces: for more and more teenagers, they are a part of growing up. Nevertheless, even if an adolescent is not the only one wearing metal brackets, metal braces are probably not first on the list of desired tooth straightening possibilities. Not all adolescents and parents are aware that there is an alternative to traditional fixed braces. The Kids® aligner system is based on the same innovative manufacturing method as the PRO  Twin Aligner® systems. The gentle force of orthocaps aligners regulates every type of tooth malpositioning painlessly and without restricting your daily routine. Ask your orthodontist for more information about invisible braces by orthocaps
What are the advantages of Orthocaps?
  • An aligner system developed by an orthodontist.
  • High quality tooth regulation.
  • Low CONSISTENT forces that help to achieve better clinical results.
  • Latest technology.
  • Treatment guidance and treatment monitoring by a team of experts throughout the entire treatment.
  • Treatment evaluation report after each Phase.
  • Pre-formed attachments.
  • Interactive 3D-digital set-up for treatment approval (iSetup®).
  • An appliance that is comfortable for the patient.
  • Cost effective.
  • Handcrafted in Germany.
Examples of some cases below, using the Orthocaps system.

Case 1
Case 2
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Introducing the TwinAligner® System Handcrafted in Germany
by Dr Sonil Kalia
Spring Publication