Keith Hayes takes a look at what General Dentistry is.....
General Dentistry, IMHO
Dr Sonil Kalia introduces a new aligner revolution
Introducing the TwinAligner® System Handcrafted in Germany
Spring Publication
A collection of interesting and thought provoking articles from around the web
Off Topic
Dr Victoria Holden has a look at the latest convictions at the GDC. Spring Edition.
GDC Watch: Spring 2018: Convictions.
Dr Henry Clover looks at the morale crisis of NHS dentistry
Mission Impossible: Solving the morale crisis in NHS primary care dental services…?
The GDPUK Forum gave John Makin a number of testing questions, read his take on the current indemnity climate
GDPUK Forum interviews John Makin - Head of the DDU
Ed Challinor is taking the next step and discussing what those messages should actually say in order to get attention and serve up more dentistry to paying customers.
Dental Marketing 101: What to Say to Private Patients