Keith Hayes
I often seem to write my views from the Regulators prospective. This time, I want to write my thoughts on how to meet the challenge from the general dentists’ point of view. Ok, so what is General Dentistry? I belong to GDPUK and I visit maybe 100+ practices every year. I’ve been a General Dentist for 40 years. I try to walk a fine line between Regulator and Dentist and I sometimes feel that the General Dentist(ry) (GD) is seen by some as a derogatory term; “Jack of all trades, master of none”. But, this is wrong on many levels :-
  1. GD see the majority of patients
  2. GD delivers the majority of dental care efficiently and effectively.
  3. GD is the hub of dental care in UK.
  4. GD is the first point of contact (usually).
  5. GD listens to, examines, diagnoses and treatment plans and cares for the majority of patients.
  6. GD suggest the right direction for future treatment pathways, maybe referral and finds and signposts the right patient journey, (or it should do).
  7. GD provides the main stay of prevention and maintenance of the patient’s care for the vast majority of patients. Being the first person to turn off the tap of oral disease and the providing the Continuity Act for maintaining the patient’s health, (or it should do).

Spring Publication