Change payment provider today and save up to 60%
We’re always looking to help you reduce costs without compromising the quality of your patient care. That’s why we’re delighted to announce a partnership with nexpay. 

Who are nexpay? Nexpay is a leading UK based payment consultancy and management company, officially licensed by Visa and MasterCard for the provision of card payment services.

Why nexpay? Card payment services can be very costly to dental practices. Nexpay can reduce your monthly bills by up to 60%. That could mean an annual saving of several thousands of pounds. 

GDPUK and nexpay - partners in payment We’re so committed to helping practices like yours that we’ve established a joint mission with nexpay. Our ambition is to save members of the site over £1M in card processing fees. And we’ve already started - Over £100,000 saved already.

How it works
1) Contact us via the link below.
2) nexpay will review your existing account, undertake a full market comparison and produce a report that shows you the potential new tariff savings.
3) Simply decide if you’d like to start saving on your payment services.

To apply please fill out the form on the link below:-

Get better value from your credit card transactions

Switch and save!
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